Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the LCD screen size of did-itTM?

7" LCD Screen


What is the maximum video resolution for did-itTM?



How many photos or videos can I store in did-itTM?

did-itTM holds built-in memory of 2GB. The numbers of photos or videos held depend heavily on how large your photos or videos are.


Can I insert own memory cards into did-itTM?

No. did-itTM does not support any memory cards but the built-in memory.


What type of battery using in did-itTM?

Rechargeable battery. did-itTM can be recharged by connecting it to power source via USB cord.


How many hours will it take to fully charge your did-itTM?

Approximately 2 hours to fully charge did-itTM


What kind of video formats accepted by did-itTM?

did-itTM supports AVI and MP4 video files (Resolution: 1280 x 720, H264, Xvid & MJPG and bitrate less than 10Mbps)


What kind of photo formats accepted by did-itTM?

did-itTM supports JPG, BMP image files with resolution: 3246 x 2448 - 8 Megapixels.  The maximum file size is 4M


What are the systems supported by did-itTM?

Windows: Recommended OS: Microsoft Windows 7/ Windows 8 / Windows 10 (Port: USB port)

Mac: Recommended OS: Mac OS X (Port: USB port)


What are included when I purchase a did-itTM album?

The purchase of did-itTM includes:

  1. did-itTM digital album x 1 pc
  2. USB 2.0 Hi-speed cord x 1 pc
  3. a magisto insert card with a FREE Magisto PRO subscription ($40) value x 1 pc
  4. user manual x 1 pc


How can I transfer file to did-itTM?

Connect did-itTM to your laptop/PC with USB cable and transfer your photos, music and videos into the pre-set folders.


How can I turn on/off did-itTM?

did-itTM turns on automatically once it is open and it turns off automatically once it is closed.


How can I create photo slideshow in did-itTM?

did-itTM allows you to create one photo slideshow with own music. You can transfer your photos into the did-itTM preset PHOTO folder and your music into the did-itTM preset MUSIC folder.

Once it is done, turn on did-itTM and press photo slideshow button to enjoy!


What can did-itTM do?

Following controls can be done with did-itTM:

  • To play photo slide show: press "Photo slideshow start button"
  • To play video: press "Video Home butto" to review the table of contents of all videos loaded in did-itTM. Select the video you would like to play by pressing "play/pause button".
  • You can press the arrow buttons to control playing previous or next video
  • You can control volumn by adjusting volumn DOWN or UP.


Can I format did-itTM?

Yes. You can format did-itTM. Please refer steps "FORMATTING YOUR DID-ITTM" on user manual to format it.


How to create an account in Magisto?

Your did-it™ includes a FREE Magisto PRO subscription ($40 value).  Locate the redemption card inserted in your did-it™ album.

On your smartphone, tablet or computer, visit or go to the App Store or Google Play to download the Magisto App. Once you are in Magisto platform,  enter the code printed on your magisto insert and follow the steps to fill the required infomration on the website to create your account.


How to create movie using Magisto?

Magisto provides a very easy friendly platform and steps for you to create your own movies! Simply log into your magisto account and do step 1-2-3 for your own movies!

  1. Select footage - Choose a video(s) and/or photos from your phone, tablet or computer
  2. Choose editing style
  3. Choose a soundtrack

Once you get above done, you only need to name your movie, set the length of your movie and finally confirm by pressing "Make my movie" button.  You will then receive notification via the app or email that your movie is ready to view.


How to download Magisto movie I created?

Log into your Magisto account. Select "My Movies" and the movie you want to download. Click "DOWNLOAD" and saved it in your designated location.


More questions on Magisto?

Please contact Magisto customer


How come did-itTM does not show some of my photos?

The did-itTM is designed to show photos following the same camera industry standards format as digital cameras. Some images, such as web images or scanned images, are not stored according to camera industry standards and therefore cannot be displayed correctly on did-itTM. Please use your PC applications to convert such images into standard JPEG format before viewing them on did-itTM.


did-itTM is not working

Please refer "TROUBLE SHOOTING" section from did-it user manual.


More questions on did-itTM?

Please contact did-itTM customer support: